Cytomic EDR records, correlates and classifies endpoint, application and user behaviors to detect suspicious activities, block malicious behaviors and activities, and provide remediation to restore affected systems.
Cytomic’s advanced security integrates EDR, next gen endpoint protection, Patching, Encrypting, Data Management, and Security Intelligence capabilities.
With our Threat Hunting, Investigation and Validation Services you will add a dedicated team, proactive 24/7, to your security program.
Cytomic Orion speeds up and standardizes the hunting process with an innovative data analytics paradigm.
Malware is not a problem for Cytomic customers_

That’s why we can focus on the challenge of largest corporations, “Living off the Land” attacks, developing more sophisticated analytics and adapting the hunting of these advanced threats to the particular context of every single customer.

Our objective is to make our Threat Hunting, Threat Detection, Behaviour Certification of endpoints, processes and users , Investigation and Data Analytics services more efficient and more scalable; and to reduce MTTD (Mean Time to Detect) and MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve).